Project “Pegasus”

An initiative of the Alte Oper concert hall in Frankfurt, the Pegasus Project gives children and young people up to the age of 21 the opportunity to experience classical and modern music first-hand. Events include concerts where youngsters actively participate and workshops that allow them to engage creatively with music. The project’s ongoing activities are designed for babies, toddlers, elementary school pupils, adolescents and young adults, and address pre-school and school groups as well as families. The project’s goal is to make the world of classical and contemporary music accessible to young people today.

Children encounter music in everyday settings through a range of activities, such as listening, singing and dancing. The project’s “Rabauken und Trompeten” (Tots and Trumpets) concert series, however, makes it possible for youngsters aged three to six to experience music in a whole new way. The concerts give kids a new understanding of how orchestral instruments complement each other, allowing them to discover the unique world of sound that is created when three or four musicians come together to perform as an ensemble. Youngsters also get the opportunity to react to what they hear and express it themselves. As a result, they are not expected to sit still for the entire concert, but become active participants under the guidance of music educator Verena Kreutz. Performed by different ensembles, the four concerts in the series are organised especially for families and pre-school groups.

The Gemeinnützige Stiftung der Deutschen Beteiligungs AG will be sponsoring the “Rabauken und Trompeten” concert series during the 2014/2015 season.

More information on the Pegasus Project (in German) is available here.